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 The Mahoney Brothers decided in 1987 to expand their musical impersonation act to include many of their favorite early rock and roll influences. The result was “Jukebox Heroes Live”.

With the accurate attention to detail the Mahoneys initially added tributes to such musical luminaries as Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, Rick Nelson, The Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly. After several tours around the country, “Jukebox Heroes Live” settled into a two-year residency beginning in 1990 at Six Flags Great Adventure's Music Box Theater.

It was during this time that the Mahoney Brothers came to the attention of the Seattle-based veteran producer/director Greg Thompson. So impressed with the Mahoneys’ ability to reproduce a wide range of musical acts and styles, Thompson hired the brothers throughout the 1990's for a series of long term casino revues built around the “Jukebox Heroes Live” theme and The Mahoney Brothers' ever-growing roster of impersonations (now spanning more than 60 years of music, from the 1930's Benny Goodman to the 1990's Garth Brooks). The Greg Thompson productions included performances in Atlantic City, Gulfport, Seattle, starring roles in “Wolfman Jack's Rock & Roll Revue”, and partnering with Dick Clark for the 1996 smash hit show, “Dick Clark's Golden Age Of Television”.

Prime-time appearances on The Disney Channel, The Family Channel, The Nashville Network, CBS's "A Busch Gardens/Sea World Summer Safari", and a performance for President Clinton at Hillary Clinton’s 30th High School Reunion were also some of the many highlights of “Jukebox Heroes Live” during the busy decade of the 1990’s.

As “Jukebox Heroes Live” entered the new millennium, the Mahoney Brothers added even more time honored musical legends to their impersonation lineup. Billy Joel, The Eagles, Roy Orbison, and The Bee Gees have recently joined the long list of acts rotated into the show, still all performed by brothers Tim, Brian, and Mike. The aughts also brought with it a state-of-the-art video upgrade that, teamed with the brothers' uncanny impersonations, seamlessly transports the audience through more than half a century of music in one show. 

After more than 5,000 performances of "Jukebox Heroes Live" all around the world, The Mahoney Brothers look forward to the next 30 years (and the next 30 acts) to celebrate with audiences young and old.

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