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 Tony Sands as Frank Sinatra Tribute

 The Sinatra Musical, this is a one of kind musical from the early days of Franks life to the main event, we perform 21 songs ,this show runs one hour and a half ,this is a multimedia show where we project on screen. The second show is the Rat Pack Together Again, we bring in the cast of Frank, Dean and Sammy and perform all of their greatest hits, when they all were together in Las Vegas back in the 60s. We could perform this show with or with out a band depending on the budget, this show runs about one hour and fifty minutes . The third show is Streisand and Sinatra this show is where we bring two of the greatest performers together on one stage, where both entertainers perform Streisand and Sinatra greatest hits , with or with out a band. This show runs around one hour and forty minutes. The fourth show is That's Life Concert where we bring in a live band and perform all of Sinatra’s hits.

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